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Moonsighting for Ramadan 1434

The beginning of the month of Ramadan 1434 H. is on Tuesday, July 09 in most regions of the world. The Juristic Committee of the Institution of His Eminence, the Religious Authority (Lebanon), Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, announced.

Most Mosques in China: are following a criteria that they will follow New Macca Calender, and China traditional calender, and have dicided that July 9, 2013 is first day of Ramadam. So far, there is no authoritative authority like Figh councel about crescent and Ramadam in China.

Dublin-based European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) announced that 1st of Ramadan 1434 will be Tuesday, July 9, 2013. This is based on calculation criteria that there must be the possibility of crescent sighting by naked eye or telescope on any place on earth. To accept the possibility crescent sighting in any place on earth the following conditions must exist:
a) The moon must set after sunset in the place where sighting is possible.
b) The elevation of the crescent must be at least 5 degrees.
c) The elongation distance between the sun and moon must be at least 8 degrees.

For moonsighting lovers and sky watchers, an advanced telescope is perfect for astronomy viewing.

The Astronomical New Moon is on July 8, 2013 (Monday) at 7:14 UT. On July 8, it can not be seen any continent, but it is possible to be seen in Polynesian Islands. On Tuesday, July 9, 2013, it can be seen in Australia, most Africa and all Americas. On July 9, with diffuculty, it can be seen in Southern India, Middle East, and Northern Africa. (See visibility curves).

1434 AH
Sighting Reports

Monday, 8 July 2013:
  • Brunei:
    1. Not Seen: Dr. Mohammed Hussain Ahmad (MCW member) from Brunei Darussalam reported: The new moon was not sighted from Brunei (4° 55' North and 114° 55' East) in the evening of Monday, 8 July 2013 as expected. This was officially announced through the National TV and Radio stations. Therefore, tomorrow, Tuesday, 9 July 2013 is the completion of 30 days for the month of Shaban. Hence, the 1st of Ramadan 1434 will commence on Wednesday, 10 July 2013.
      I would like to take this opportunity to wish Muslims across the world a very blessed Ramadan.
  • China:
    1. Not Seen, BUT some mosques decided by calculations of visibility somewhere in the world,: Dr. Musa·Minhai (MCW member) from Wuzhong City reported: According to crescent moon visibility of Ramadam 1434 AH,I know that crescengt will not be seen today, July 8 in China, but I try to see crescent from 12:24 to 12:50(UT) in Wuzhong City (latitude:"38:28N", longitude:"106:16E"), Ningxia province. I did not see the crescent.
      However, according to criteria that the new moon was already born at 15:14 Beijing time and following New Macca Calender, and China traditional calender, most mosques have dicided that July 9, 2013 is first day of Ramadam. Some mosques dicided that July 10, 2013 is first day of Ramadam. So far, there is no authoritative authority like Figh councel about crescent and Ramadam in China.
  • Dominican Republic:
    1. Not Seen: Ahmad Abdul Haqq (MCW member) from Santo Domingo reported: The new crescent moon for the month of Ramadan was not seen in the Dominican Republic. The skies were covered in all directions with rainclouds with scattered showers. One brother, member of Dominican Islamic Entity in the city of Hig├╝ey was observing and there was zero visibility. We add 30 days to the month of Sha'ban. The 1st day of Ramadan 1434H will be on Wednesday, 10th of July 2013 CE. Ramadan Mubarak!!!
  • India:
    1. Not Seen: Syed Thanveer Peeran (MCW member) from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu reported: Moon was not sighted so far i.e. on 8th July 2013, anywhere in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
    2. Not Seen: M. Siddik Nadvi (MCW member) from Ahmedabad, Gujrat reported: Today, Monday 8th July, 2013 = 28 Shaban. 1434, we tried to see the crescent of Ramdhan 1434 Hijri at our Institute JAMIA KANZUL ULOOM at 7:30 pm. The cresent was not seen and there is no possitive report of sighting from all over India.
  • Indonesia:
    1. Not Seen: AR Sugeng Riyadi (MCW member) from Assalaam Observatory, Surakarta Central Java reported: On July 8, new crescent of Ramadhan 1434 AH was NOT SEEN from Assalaam Observatory, Surakarta Central Java and neither all observer from Indonesia. Indonesian Goverment statement (insha Allah) that Sha'ban will complete 30 days and 1 Ramadhan 1434 AH will be on Wednesday, 10 July 2013.
  • Malaysia:
    1. Not Seen: Samer Helmy from Malaysia reported: Malaysia has switched from practice of calculations based decision to local sighting since from last year, and they announced Monday, July 8, that they could not see the crescent this evening and therefore Ramadhan will officially start on Wednesday July 10th, 2013.
  • Morocco:
    1. Not Seen: Khalid Chraibi (MCW member) from Casablanca reported: I'm pleased to inform you that the Moroccan authorities have announced this evening that the new moon crescent couldn't be observed Monday evening. Therefore, Ramadan begins in Morocco on Wednesday July 10, 2013.
  • Nigeria:
    1. Not Seen: Majolagbe Monsuru (MCW member) [The Mufti of Ikorodu], Lagos reported: On Monday, July 8, in the front of ikorodu town hall, I exhausted all endavour to sight the moon but not seen because weather was very cloudy.
  • Saudi Arabia:
    1. Not Seen: Mrs. Lubna Shawly (MCW member) from Jiddah reported: Saudi Arabia has declared in its courts that the new moon was not seen in many regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that Sha'ban for the year will complete 30 days, and the 1st day of Ramadan 1434 Hijrah, will be corresponding to Wednesday the 10th of July the 2013.
      Ramadan Mubarak to all ...
  • South Africa:
    1. Not Seen: Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim (MCW member) from Cape Town reported: On Monday, July 8, negative sighting in Southern Africa (from all areas south of the equator) at the end of the 29th Shabaan. The 1st day of Ramadaan will correspond with Wed. 10 July 2013.
    2. Not Seen: Rashid Motala (MCW member) from Durban reported: On the evening of Monday 8th July 2013, the Hilaal was NOT sighted in South Africa. The 1st Ramadaan1434 corresponds to Wednesday, 10th July 2013.
  • Sri Lanka:
    1. Not Seen: Mr. Mohamed Shakir (MCW member) from Galle reported: I am informing you that the moon was not sighted so far i.e. on 8th July 2013, anywhere in Galle, Srilanka.
  • Tanzania:
    1. Not Seen: Hamza Rijal (MCW member) from Tiny Island of Zanzibar reported: Today is 28th of Shaaban in tiny island of Zanzibar corresponding to 8th of July 2013, Tuesday 9th it will be corresponding to the 29th of Shaaban.
  • UK:
    1. Not Seen: Saraj Qazi (MCW member) from Luton, Bedfordshire reported: “Due to no accurate visible sighting of the moon in the U.K or any positive sighting from any Muslim country, including Morocco on the eve of 8th July 2013. We will therefore complete 30 days of Sha’baan. InshAllah 1st of Ramadhan Kareem will be observed on Wenesday 10th July 2013. The Markazi Jamaat's wish all of the Muslim Ummah a blessed Ramadhan Kareem..
    2. Not Seen: Mohammad Ali Javed (MCW member) from Luton, Bedfordshire reported: Moon was not sighted in the UK, Morocco and other Muslim countries. We will complete 30 days of Shabaan. Insha'Allah 1st Ramadan will be on Wednesday 10 July 2013. - Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat UK.
    3. Not Seen: Qamar Uddin (MCW member) from York reported: On Monday 8 July 2013 (29 Shaban 1434 AH) many people from throughout the UK have attempted to sight the crescent moon (Hilal) of Shaban after sunset. None of the groups were able to sight the Hilal even though many places had clear sky conditions.
      We have not received any reliable sighting report (Muhaqaq-Ruyat-Basari) from east of the UK/Morocco either. Both the Jamiat-e-Ulama South Africa and Morocco Awqaf Ministry have reported negative sightings (see Morocco fax attached).
      Therefore, the Wifaq/Batley Ulama have decided that the month of Shaban 1434 AH will complete 30-days and the month of Ramadan 1434 AH will start from Wednesday 10 July 2013 (i.e. night of Tuesday 9 July), Insha-Allah.
      PS. We welcome the Saudi Supreme Court decision to start the holy month of Ramadan 1434 AH a day after their official Ummul Qura date, as per our request below (and that of many other ICOP members), Alhamdulillah.
  • USA:
    1. Not Seen: Sharaaz Khan Qadri (MCW member) from Sacramento CA reported: On Monday, July 8, we were not able to see the crescent for the month of Ramadan in New Lebanon. We will follow the Fiqh Council of North America's calendar and begin fasting on Tuesday, July 9, insha'allah. Ramadan Mubarak to all.
    2. Not Seen: Imam Mir Omar Ali, Raleigh NC reported: From Raleigh NC Airport 6th Floor Parking; ther was excellent view of horizon (Partly cloudy) Negative sighting.
  • Zimbabwe:
    1. Not Seen: Ayub Mahomed (MCW member) from Harare reported: Moon not sighted in Zimbabwe.1st Ramadan will start on Wednesday 10 July 2013.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013: 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013:

OFFICIAL 1st Day of Ramadan in Different Countries
Tuesday, 9 July 2013:
  1. Bosnia and Hercegovina (Follow Tiurkey)
  2. China (Following
  3. Cosovo (Follow Turkey)
  4. Croatia (Follow Turkey)
  5. France - Altitude > 5°, elongation > 8° []
  6. Luxembourg - European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR)
  7. Macedonia (Follow Turkey)
  8. Maldives Island (complete 30 days - Official announcement from Ministry of Islamic Affairs)
  9. Montenegro (Follow Turkey)
  10. Russia (Official Announcement - Calculations)
  11. Serbia (Follow Turkey)
  12. Slovenia (Follow Turkey)
  13. Tunisia - Criteria of age, or altitude, or sunset-moonset lag
  14. Turkey - Altitude > 5°, elongation > 8°
  15. USA - Fiqh Council of North America/Islamic Society of North America. The criteria are Moon must be born before Sunset in Makkah, and moonset after sunset in Makkah.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013:
  1. Afghanistan (Follow Saudi)
  2. Albania (Follow Saudi)
  3. Algeria (Follow Saudi)
  4. Armenia (Follow Saudi)
  5. Austria (Follow Saudi)
  6. Azerbaijan (Follow Saudi)
  7. Bahrian (Follow Saudi)
  8. Bangladesh (Some areas follow Saudi)
  9. Belgium (Follow Saudi)
  10. Bolivia (Follow Saudi)
  11. Bulgaria (Follow Saudi)
  12. Chechnia (Follow Saudi)
  13. China (Some groups - 30 days completion)
  14. Denmark (Follow Saudi)
  15. Egypt - Moon Born before sunset & moon sets at least 5 minutes after sunset
  16. Finland (Follow Saudi)
  17. France (Follow Saudi)
  18. Georgia (Follow Saudi)
  19. Hungary (Follow Saudi)
  20. Iceland (Follow Saudi)
  21. Indonesia (30 days completion - Official Announcement)
  22. Iraq (Follow Saudi)
  23. Ireland (Follow Saudi)
  24. Italy (Follow Saudi)
  25. Jordan (Follow Saudi)
  26. Kazakhstan (Follow Saudi)
  27. Kuwait (Follow Saudi)
  28. Kyrgizstan (Follow Saudi)
  29. Lebanon (Follow Saudi)
  30. Luxembourg (Follow Saudi)
  31. Madagascer (Local Sighting)
  32. Malaysia (30 days completion - Official Announcement)
  33. Mauritania (Follow Saudi)
  34. Montenegro (Follow Saudi)
  35. Morocco (Complete 30 days)
  36. Netherlands (Follow Saudi)
  37. Norway (Follow Saudi)
  38. Palestine (Follow Saudi)
  39. Philippines (Follow Saudi)
  40. Qatar (Follow Saudi)
  41. Romania (Follow Saudi)
  42. Russia (Follow Saudi)
  43. Saudi Arabia (30 days completion - Official Announcement)
  44. South Africa (30 days completion)
  45. Spain (Follow Saudi)
  46. Sudan (Follow Saudi)
  47. Sweden (Follow Saudi)
  48. Switzerland (Follow Saudi)
  49. Syria (Follow Saudi)
  50. Taiwan (Follow Saudi)
  51. Tajikistan (Follow Saudi)
  52. Tatarstan (Follow Saudi)
  53. Turkmenistan (Follow Saudi)
  54. U.A.E. (Follow Saudi)
  55. UK (Follow Saudi) [Coordination Committee of Major Islamic Centres and Mosques of London]
  56. Uzbekistan (Follow Saudi)
  57. Yemen (Follow Saudi)
  58. Zimbabwe (Complete 30 days)

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